We are featured in The Wellness Book Victoria.

The Wellness Book showcases the healthy living scene in Victoria, featuring a curated selection of raw food cafes, juice bars, yoga studios and producers, all dedicated to living well.

This beautifully designed book acts as a guide to clean living – from nutrition to mindfulness and lifestyle products, The Wellness Book offers tips and tricks to help you lead a healthy life. A thoughtful gift for someone who is into clean eating or who has just moved to Victoria; this hardcover book is not only a stylish addition to your coffee table but the perfect way to kickstart your wellness journey."

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what people are saying...


Hunters' Roots Write Up

"It’s the exact organic juice and salad bar you have been after!" 


Hunters' Roots Write Up

"Kerry and Jeffrey Chew are turning out smoothies, salads and breakfast dishes that balance extreme healthfulness with genuine tastiness." 



Hunters' Roots Customer Reviews

"Oh wow, if you love good, clean food prepared with love, make this a must visit. My body was so happy ... I could eat real food made with love by the couple who own and run it. Highly recommended."
- becpriv

Time Out

Hunter's Roots Write Up


"Get back to nature without getting your hands dirty, at Hunters' Roots."


Hunters' Roots Write Up

"Almost everything’s clean, raw or somehow wholesome.
Despite the diminutive size of Hunters’ Roots, the entire menu is made in-house." 


Hunters' Roots Customer Reviews

"Love this place! For such a tiny cafe, Hunters Roots has a very diverse food menu, along with smoothies, specialty teas and various salads and hot meals which change daily. The owners are lovely and are always very friendly..."   
- awkward avocado