Welcome, we are Jeffrey and Kerry Chew, the husband and wife team behind the business (and the counter) at our wholefoods cafe, Hunters' Roots.

Prior to us opening our doors in 2015, working together, doing something that we both shared an equal passion for had been a long standing dream of ours.

Although at the time the concept of owning a cafe was completely new, we had a big vision and drew on the experience from our combined past career paths in health & fitness, customer service and design to bring it to life. 

Living and working in the Melbourne CBD, we were frustrated by how hard it was to find fresh, wholesome salads around us as an alternative to the really satisfying ones we would make for ourselves at home. We discovered that it was also very hard to find clean, healthy versions of the Chinese and Japanese home cooked meals that we were brought up on and love to eat. 



So, we set out to create what didn't appear to exist.

Not just a cafe, but an experience, sharing our modern, organic and consciously healthy cooking with a hint of the Asian food flavours from our heritage.

We pride ourselves on the fact that everything we serve is made by hand, in house, with care and passion for the people who buy it from us.



We like to think of our cafe as an extension of our own kitchen, so we treat our customers more like family. 

Our menu is crafted with delicious, high quality and healthy creations so that our customers can eat at Hunters' Roots everyday, and know that they aren't compromising on their health and wellness to do so.  

Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to seeing you soon!


"as a husband and wife team, we like to think of our cafe as an extension of our own kitchen, and treat our customers more like family."